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Operation: GOING GREEN…

These days, more and more households are embracing environmentally friendly practices. But we all have to do our part recycling, buying energy efficient vehicles, using environmentally friendly products and using energy and water more efficiently.

Business are going green as well. Quality One Dent Inc. realizes it’s not just good for the environment, it’s good for our bottom line AND something we can all be proud of. Not just in terms of profits, but as an excellent business model that encapsulates the value of being environmentally conscious and good  stewards of our planet.

RECYCLE: While we have the technology to repair plastic fascias (bumper skins) with the use of a plasti-weld technique, some bumpers are too severely damaged to repair. So we have joined a partnership program with Mopar with the purpose of collecting and returning damaged front and rear fascia cores to Mopar for environmentally responsible recycling. Since fascia covers are plastic, returning them for shredding and reprocessing to create new O.E. quality part makes the most sense. And just for your knowledge, in the first rear of implementation, Mopar recycled over 307,000 fascias. That means that over 2,015,200 lbs of fascia material was kept out of landfills. That is impressive!

Further, some parts just need to be replaced. So we recycle all replaced metal panels at our local recycling facility. Recycling everyday household products in general is a no brainer.

NO MORE PAPER: What customer likes to fill out forms? What employee wants to file those forms? Our new software system not only replaced the need for paper, we have significantly reduced the time it takes a customer to check in and drop off their vehicle,  provides periodic customer updates during the repair process and has improved our repair process times dramatically. We are more efficient with less hassle and time. Lean mean operating machine!

SEE THE LIGHT: We outfitted our offices and shop area with energy efficient lighting. We utilized discounts offered by our utility company and received killer deals through our local home improvement stores. Even our street sign was outfitted with LED lights. You can see us a mile away.

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION: Bottom line, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our wonderful customers! We make certain that they have a say in how we are doing or how we can improve. With electronic means of satisfaction/improvement surveys, our customer comments are taken very seriously (notice I mentioned “electronically”).  We had one customer comment on our street sign. It was an undertaking but Wow, much needed improvement. So Thank you. Keep the comments coming.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

-Marcel Proust



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