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Don’t Let your Hail Damaged Car Cost You!

Last May’s hail storm devastated the Denver Metro area. People are still trying to recover. Roofers can be heard on roofs with their nail guns, auto body shops are backed up for months and many dent companies are not equipped to handle the severity of the damage causing them to ship cars off to some remote body shop. We get calls all the time asking what will happen if they get hit again before they get their cars repaired. This is a very good question. Turns out, if you wait any longer, it could cost you Big Bucks! The Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Insurance has some good information to avoid costly oversignts.

A pressing question for us, how we can meet our customers needs? Well, last year we implemented a new digital customer service communication system that provides regular updates to our customers during the repair process. It also gives our customers an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions with us after every repair. We shored up our production processes to ensure that we get the repairs done within the promised timelines without sacrificing quality. So the answer to our question regarding this last hail storm was simple. First, educate the customer so they are aware of the potential impact it will have on them if they do not get their cars repaired. Secondly, we are currently in the process of moving to a much larger, nearby location. Our new address is 3701 S. Inca St. Englewood, CO 80110. Just 1 block north of the Englewood Post Office. This facility will house all the cars in our possession so in the event of another hailstorm, our customers can rest easy. Not to mention, we do all of our own paint and body work here at this same location. You’ll never have to worry where your car actually is? Probably one of the biggest improvements we made is in the our paint area. We’ve added a digital paint mixing system for flawless color matching, hi-tech spray guns that leave a glass like finish and a state of the art mobile paint prep and finishing system. This all-inclusive system means working smarter not harder. Saving time and improving turn around times. It not only saves our company money, but it allows us the opportunity to offer better discounts to our customers to help cover the cost of repairs. With our experience and expertise, there is nothing we cannot fix in-house. In fact, right now, we are offering deductible assistance & up to $400 cash back to our customers for letting us fix their hail damaged vehicle. We also have our own fleet of rental cars to help you out. Call now for details and get in BEFORE the storm hits!